Homeschooling with Daddy

Husband is home from work one day, every other week. After about an hour or so into school, he comes in to "check" on everyone's work. The kids giggle because they say he's the "principal." He's sure to spend some time with each child, one-on-one, asking questions about what they're doing, letting them "show him how to do it." He always adds laughter, and a new way of thinking about things. This helps the children and me, because it adds some fun to our learning. (Plus, the kids are "extra" studious on these days because it usually means an abbreviated schedule so we can spend the day with Daddy.)
Daddy and SJ (Christmas 2005)

Daddy is also our PE teacher. Thank the Lord, because I certainly don't fit the bill, and that's not because I'm pregnant either. I just simply am not "PE oriented." I'm all about staying healthy, yes, but the actual mechanics of running, throwing, jumping and catching--and then teaching someone else how to do it. . . not quite my thing. So, Daddy to the rescue, Mr. College Football/Coaching Minor--LOL!
Daddy, TM, and SJ (Christams 2005)

This past Sunday, Daddy and the kids went camping. Although this is not actually part of our curriculum per se, homeschooling allowed us to be flexible enough for this impromptu event. If the babes were groggy on Monday morning from camping out, then I could push our school time back an hour or so. So, Sunday afternoon, Husband jumps up and says, "Remember I promised the kids we'd sleep out in the back yard? We'll do it today since the weather is nice." And so, off he went to set the tent up. The kids were SUPER excited to sleep in the back yard! LOL (We are not serious campers by any means, so the back yard is about all we can handle right now.)

I didn't get a picture because by the time I thought about it, it was too dark outside. . . and let's just say my camera is not quite "advanced" enough to take pictures in the dark! I went in the tent to help arrange blankets and kiss forheads good-night. And then I went back in to clean the kitchen (I'd had a bit of baking frenzie earlier!) and to go to bed. However, my soul was blessed by what I heard through the kitchen window: giggles, camp songs, games, little voices chatting, deep voice laughing. My goodness, my heart melted because there my Husband was willingly sleeping on the cold, hard ground to bring our kiddos joy. . .and all was well in our hearts.

JR and Daddy (Summer 2007)

I am thankful for my Husband, for his love, his guidance and for the fun he brings to our family. I'm so thankful and grateful to God that He blessed us with such a gift.

Raising Homemakers

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