Our Unusual Garden

Our family has a small and unusual garden. We are growing bell peppers (green, red, and orange), Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and bush beans (green beans). We also had some spinach and collard greens at one point, but they've run their course. Anyway, what is so unusual about these vegetables?

We have them all growing in pots. Yes, planting pots! (Don't laugh too hard!!)

Here's the deal: we are not gardeners or farmers and have so much to learn about growing food. We haven't yet wanted to tackle the challenge of creating a gardening space in the back yard, tilling the land, and warding off little critters (including our own 3 dogs). But, we do enjoy fresh veggies here and there. So, for now we plant in pots. . . an idea we borrowed from our neighbor who grows tomatoes every year in big, green planting pots of his own. :o)

Here are few pics of our "garden". . . .

The Romaine lettuce that just keeps growing. . .
we've been sharing with family and friends.

See those peppers mixed in with the leaves?

This tomato plant is HUGE--really unruly!
I couldn't really get it all in the frame of my poor little camera.
But, look at that tomato almost ready for my salad!
Look closely. . . it may be hard to see. . .
but, there are a few green beans growing.

Another unruly "subject," our cucumber plant. . .
it's sprawling all over the place.

New cucumbers growing, but. . .
. . .here's our first pick!

So, to all those that may be challenged in the area of gardening, like I am. . . there's hope. . . because there are planting pots! :o)


  1. Yeah! I love gardening. Isn't it wonderful to grow your own food and then eat it?

  2. Hi Jen,

    I must say, as challenged as I am, it is very rewarding! Especially when peppers cost $1.50 each where I live!!

  3. Keep up the good work!!! :)

  4. Your vegies look wonderful and I love the pot idea! I had a big garden one time and the weeds about killed me! I think the pots would be much easier. Isn't it fun when you can pick your own tomatoe or cucumber right off the vine? :)

  5. Hi Krisin,

    My goodness, I didn't even think about weeds! I really don't do any weeding at all. :) Yes, homegrown is something you just can't beat.

  6. Wow Stacie,

    Gardening in a flower pot, that's news to me. Your garden looks great! I may give that a try. Thanks for sharing:)

  7. Gertha,

    Ha! Your comment "that's news to me" made me laugh! LOL I know, it is a little strange, but so far, it works okay for us for the items we're growing.



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