He Lives! (Music Mondays)

No Idle Bread
Praise the Lord, for He is risen!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebration.

I'm going to share how I feel in song with you today.
 May your hearts be blessed and may God be glorified!

Praise God that we have hope for tomorrow in Jesus Christ!!


  1. Praise Him!!! So very beautiful! Thank you for blessing us by letting us hear your lovely voice.

  2. Oh, Anne (I Live in an Antbed),

    Thank you, kindly.
    God is so good to us. So glad to serve a risen Savior!

    God bless you.

  3. Thanks for sharing your heart in song. It was very beautiful. Praise God!

  4. Stacie,

    Wow! You surely do have a beautiful voice, and may I add that you are truly a beautiful woman as well! :)

    Thank you SO much for sharing some of your heart today by blessing us with the words from this precious song.


    -L. Rose

  5. Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for your kindness.
    May the Lord be praised!

    Take care.

  6. Oh, Lady Rose! Thank you for such sweet words; I'm grateful.

    God bless you and may the Lord be magnified.

    Take care, friend!

  7. OH Stacie,
    Tears in my eyes and goosebumps everywhere else...you have blessed me so today!
    Thank you for singing for us! Do it again!!! :)
    You are beautiful inside and out.
    Blessings to you

  8. Dear Kristin,

    Thank you for such sweet words. It's extremely humbling. All glory to God!

    God bless you!!


  9. My lovely Daughter,
    Thank you for allowing God to use you by blessing us with your beautiful voice. I finally have a way to hear the beautiful voice I miss hearing so often! God's Greatest Blessings to you always, Stacie! :)
    I love you,

  10. Aww, Mom!

    Thank you. I love you, too!!!

    love & smooches,


  11. Bravo! Bravo!.... Stacie your voice/singing sounds sooo beautiful(: I was blessed today. Thank you!!

  12. Oh, sweet Gertha! Thanks, girl.
    To God be all the praise.

    Have a wonderful day my friend.


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