School Room Tour 2014-2015

Welcome to our school room, or our little school house, I should say. Yep, that's right, we have a stand-alone, one room, school house. It used to be a work-shed (from the previous owner) and my hubby converted it for us when we decided to homeschool. But before you think, "Aww, how cool is that?! A real one-room school house!!"--it definitely has it's pros and cons.

It's neat because the kids "go to school" each day, and we have a place to store all of our school books and papers. And, when my little babies are napping during our school time, they have a quiet house all to themselves. Also, my kids play in there all the time, using it as a clubhouse or jail or whatever else. However, when the cold months hit, it is a challenge for me. Going from the warm, cozy house to a little icy room to turn on heaters, well, it's not my thing. When the weather is too wet or it's just too cold, we have school at the kitchen table. That means we have to lug some of our school stuff into the house and find a temporary place for it. And then, when the winter weather breaks, it's fun again to get back to our school room because by then, we're ready for a change in pace. You see what I mean? The school room and I have a love-hate thing going on!!

This is the view from the doorway

And the view when I stand in front of the TV

To the right of the door: our calendar, small map,
a little shelf with some games and books,
pencil sharpener, hand sanitizer, and the wise owl.
Through the window, you see my house/kitchen window

Continuing to the right: where my big kids sit,
wall map of the world, some grammar posters

Now on the back wall opposite the door:
These 2 shelves are new here (they used to be in my pantry/laundry room),
Very top row: dictionary, math manipulatives, paper,
They hold our school books, each child has their own shelf,
Bottom left row: curriculum from last year, waiting to be used again.
Bottom right row: History and Science reference books,
Nice USA map from the dollar store!

Continuing along the back wall:
TV, my work space in the corner,
More dollar store posters

My work space, leading into
our preschool station

Continuing to the right:
This is where my 1 and 2 year olds will hang out
And of course, more posters. . .LOL

To the right of the little table:
Shelf with globe and clock,
Office supplies, flash cards, portfolios,
Art supplies,
Shelf in the middle has my teacher's manuals,
Bottom 2 shelves plus the crate have things for the toddlers to do
Chalkboard/white board (the only IKEA item in this school room!)

Just another shot to give you an idea of where we are in the room,
the Luvs box under the chalkboard stores our
science experiment stuff (i.e. cups, balloons, foil, etc.)

Above the door, I put up the alphabet in cursive.

And that is what the Chelmont Academy looks like! (Oh, and there's a big rug in the middle of the floor where the kids can stretch out.) Nothing too fancy. Not too much different from last year. I am wondering what we'll do in the near future as my littlest 3 get older. We'll see! But, it works okay for now.

Any advice on things I can do to make the most of our space? Do you have a designated room or does school happen anywhere?
Happy Schooling!


  1. That looks like a fun place to learn.

  2. Looks so nice and cozy. A great place to learn! We always did our schooling in the dining room or den space. Or even in the living room, come to think of it! :) God bless your year.

    1. Hey, Jen!
      Yep, those make great spaces to do school, too. I think the kids like it.
      God bless you, as well.


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