Family Feud and A Bunch of Other Stuff--An Update

Hi, Ladies!!!

Once again, my famous words: it's been too long since I've written in this space!!!! I can't believe my last post was in February. I've been keeping up with my pregnancy journal and posting on my Facebook page, but I miss my No Idle Bread home!!

So mid-February through the 1st week of April has been one big whirlwind!!! Here's what's been going on!

We've celebrated 4 birthdays:
TM turned 9 in February.

SJ turned 11 in March.

Baby J turned 1 in March.

I turned older in March, too. ;)

We had a couple of field trips to our local nature center and an area farm to learn about eggs:
SJ gathering info about snakes.

TM making friends with a terrapin.

JR comparing his "wingspan" to that of an eagle.

Sitting in a "club house" full of frog stuff.

The kids had to match the animal to its egg. . .

Interesting looking eggs, huh?
The kids and I have had tons of doctor's appointments between us, so we take our school work with us while we wait:

More home improvements--have you all been praying for me in this area?! I still need prayers to surrender and to have patience:
New tile in one of our bathrooms. . .

Tile in progress in another bathroom.

We've introduced flag football (oldest son) and soccer (daughters) to our schedule, as well as free instrumental music lessons for 8 weeks at a local university:
TM prepping for her 1st game.

Playing in her purple gloves. :)

Getting a bit of help with her jersey as she switches to goalie.

We had a last minute trip to South Carolina because our family was selected for a try-out for Family Feud!! Can you believe that!? We won't know for a few weeks if we made it or not, but we had a blast! *Double bonus: my mom came (she lives over 500 miles away!) to join us on our trip*:
On the road with my Mom!!
Rest break; time to eat!
Kids in the hotel room, it's hard getting a pic of them all at once!

Family Feud try-outs on my birthday!

Our happy team of 5:
me, Husband, mom, sis-in-law (Husband's sis), and her hubby
We had SO much fun and lots of laughs!
Shots with "Steve". . . .

One of my daughters got braces, in turquoise and pink, thank you very much:
And the braces match her Hello Kitty jewelry! My girly girl.

And lastly, sadly, my husband's grandmother passed, and her home-going (funeral) service was last week. Know that her life was celebrated, as she was blessed to live 93 1/2 long years upon this earth. And, as my granny would've said, she was "clothed in her right mind," even near the end. She was blessed to raise 5 children, and lived to see grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren. And most of all, she was a believer in Jesus Christ as her Savior, and lived her life accordingly. When I met her 16 years ago, I was in awe of the way she would speak about "going to Glory one day" and the peace she had about it. Now I realize it was because she was 100% sure about Whom she had put her trust, her faith secured--a great lesson she taught me. She'll be missed:

An old pic, but special to us because this was when my girls
began forming memories of her. They were 2 and 4 at the time . . .

She never looked up at the camera;
her full attention was on my oldest son,
who was about 2 or 3 months old then.
So through out the ups and downs, the hills and valleys, the celebrations and the tears, the busyness, God has been the calm, the faithful One, and I bless His holy name.

I hope to do an update soon more specifically about the learning in our homeschool, our challenges and triumphs, for the month of March--an idea I got from my friend LaTonya who blogs at A Little This...A Little That. Check out her March homeschooling update HERE.

Take care, Ladies and know that you are in my prayers!


  1. Oh Stacie, so happy to read about all the busyness in your life. :) I missed you. How exciting about Family Feud, that's really cool! If you make it I'll have to find out if it's on the computer, we don't have TV to watch. I'm sorry for your loss. Grandmothers are such a wonderful blessing to their families. How wonderful that your girls have memories of her.
    Blessings to you,

    1. Hey, Jen!! I missed you, too. I see your pins here and there on Pinterest. :) I'll keep you posted on our try-outs. . .it was fun!!
      Thanks for the sweet words about my husband's grandmother.

      Take care, Jen. God bless you!

  2. Very exciting! Busy for sure! So sorry to hear of the passing of a very much loved grama. But I love to hear of her homegoing to glory and the peace she had. The picture of her with your children is beautiful.:)

    1. Busy is right!!! Thank you for your sweet words about my husband's grandma....very appropriate for the sweet lady that she was.
      Thanks for keeping up with me!

  3. Thanks for the update! I love seeing your family. I am glad your grandmother was here for as long as she was; it is a blessing that your children were able to really know her. The Family Feud news was a surprise! I hope you guys make it :) I look forward to reading your future updates.

    1. Hey, Latonya!! Thanks so much for your kind words about my husband's grandma; she was a blessing and will be missed.
      Yep, the Family Feud news was a bit of a surprise for us too; they contacted us so quickly and unexpectedly. . . we'll see what happens.
      Take care!


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