I Did It!!! {{Husband's Exercise Program}}

The month of July was hard, Ladies!!
Was it the heat? No.
An over abundance of mosquitoes? Nope.
Too many trips to the pool with my kids? Not at all.
It was exercising 5 days a week on my husband's workout plan!!!

Since I've had two babies within 15 months of each other, I have a bit of "pudginess" to loose. Nothing drastic like a 100 pounds, but just enough that I did not feel comfortable with myself. Just when I had 5-7lbs to lose before returning to pre-pregnancy weight after having JD (#4), we found out I was pregnant with Baby J (#5). So naturally, I had some work to do. ((And let me just say, having children in my 20's is SO different from having them in my 30's! I'm just not "shrinking back" like I used to!))

I had become a bit discouraged with the results of exercising on my own. I couldn't get a consistent routine going, Baby J was waking at night due to reflux, and I was just plain old tired and a wee bit stressed. So one day, I asked my husband to help. You see, my husband (allow me to brag on him just a bit!) was a star football athlete in college, has a coaching minor, and is our family P.E. teacher. He had helped me lose weight after our 3rd child was born and it was a TOUGH routine. That was 6 years ago and I still remember the pain, so initially I didn't want to go to him for help! :)

Oh boy, was he ready for me! He asked me to commit to 4 weeks of his exercise program. I had the more difficult workouts on Mon., Wed., and Fri. and lighter workouts on Tues. and Thurs. My harder workouts were timed and it involved running. . .lots of running. And jumping jacks. . . lots of jumping jacks. I completed a series of various "football drills" as I like to call them: things like run down to the end of the yard, touch the cone, run back, touch the other cone, repeat the entire series again, all in under 30 secs; and then do that whole thing again 4 times! There were gassers, power-trains, plyometrics, lunge walks, mountain-climbers and the like, interspersed with crunches, flutter kicks and push-ups. Is anyone feeling my pain yet?!?!

To the athlete, that probably seems like the norm. For the tired mama who has never played organized sports a day in her life, it was H A R D!!!! But, my family rallied around me to encourage me. My oldest daughter would keep my time with the stop watch, while my other children would shout, "Go, Mommy!" I wanted to QUIT so badly, you just don't know. But, it was a time for me to strengthen my resolve and tell myself what I always tell my children: Just because something is hard, doesn't mean it can't be done.

So, I pushed my self. I cried--literally, every other day. My knees ached. My legs were sore. I cried some more. I hated it. Seriously. I had to spend extra time in prayer so that I would not take my frustrations out on my husband. I knew he was helping me. I knew my kids were watching me, I knew I had given my husband my word, and I knew I wanted to be in better shape. So, I stuck with it. Five days a week for four weeks straight.

I am SO glad that is over!!!! I am SO happy with losing some extra pounds. But most of all, I am happy for the lessons learned:
  • When I ask for my husband's help, I must be receptive to the help he offers, even if it isn't my ideal choice.
  • Just because I have children to tend to doesn't mean that I can't exercise.
  • Just because I have children to tend to doesn't mean that I don't have time to exercise.
  • Just because I have had 5 children doesn't mean that I have to be an unhealthy size. {{You don't know how many times I've been told that I look great, for someone who's had 5 children. What is that supposed to mean?!}}
  • Just because I'm sleepy because of the baby doesn't mean that I can't exercise.
  • I have to make it a priority and be consistent, even with 5 children!

I realize that I found myself in a rut because I began to use my children as an excuse for not exercising and taking care of myself like I should. At the end of the day, no matter how many children the good Lord blesses us with, it never gives me an excuse not to care for myself and be diligent with exercising for overall health.

What now?
I am exercising on my own 5 days a week, every morning in the 6 o'clock hour. Some things my husband showed me, I continue to do; other things he showed me, I have discontinued, as quickly as I possible. (LOL) But, so far, so good. I am feeling good and I am thankful for the results.

**NO pics are posted because none were taken! Just not quite comfortable sharing exercise pictures with the world!**


  1. Good for you!! That's great that your husband encouraged you so much along the way, and your kids too! Best wishes on your exercise program.

  2. Hi my lovely daughter :)
    I'm proud of your perseverance! It's always too soon to quit!
    You are an inspiration for me to continue on with my own challenge. Keep it moving :)
    Love you

    1. Awww, thanks, Mom!! I love you, too.


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