Our Homeschool--Keeping It Real

The Illusion:
I wake in the mornings and have a leisurely cup of coffee while I look over the morning newspaper or work on my blog. Once I have my baby fed, he peacefully sits in his infant swing and my toddler happily munches on a snack while I prepare breakfast. Meanwhile, my older children are up (without me asking, of course) and are getting ready for the day. They obediently do their chores, without complaint and then we all come together to eat.

Once we're finished and the table is cleared and looking pristine as usual, we begin homeschooling. My children sit perfectly still in their seats, and quietly await my instructions. As I proceed according to my pre-scheduled lesson plans (which we always follow), my children set to work diligently. Each child's area remains neat at all times and I never have a problem with them losing focus or interest in their studies. I am patient and calm and everything runs smoothly. For example, the baby never cries and my toddler never whines, and of course they both take naps at the same time during school . . . .

You can find the rest of this post over at His Mercies Are New where I am featured in the Real Life Homeschooling Series.


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  1. Stacie,
    What a fun post. It made me smile! That's real homeschooling because home is first and school is second! Great to see you back. I've missed you. :) Blessings, Jen

    1. Awww, thanks, Jen! Things have been so busy, lately. . .I hope to an update post soon.

      God bless!

  2. and the real life photo looks like a real fun place to be!


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