My Husband's Snoring

I was washing dishes last night and my kids were talking about which one of them snores the loudest. My oldest daughter joined me at the sink and this is what she said:

"Mommy, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I can't get back to sleep. Then, I listen and I can hear Daddy snoring, and I like it because it makes me feel warm and safe and like everything is okay. Yeah, and then I can go back to sleep."

Oh, how sweet was that? It melted my heart and made me think back to when I was a little girl. My daughter was able to verbalize a feeling I never thought to put into words. I felt the exact same way when I heard my dad snoring in the middle of the night. It's funny how things come full circle. It's also funny how, suddenly, I don't mind my husband's snoring anymore.


  1. That is SO sweet! I'm afraid when I hear my husband snoring, I don't have that same thought. In fact, sometimes, I have to move into another room so I can get a good nights sleep. . .sometimes for a few nights. But when I go back in there with him, oh, it's like a honeymoon. . . well. . .we just won't go there;)

    1. I must admit Kristin, the sound of my husband's snoring isn't always ideal, either. But, I'm so glad that it is a source of comfort to my daughter.

      On another note, praise God for the honeymoon! ;)

  2. This post brought tears to my eyes. I always hated have lights on while trying to sleep. My dad rose early, and stayed late at times praying and studying. Oh how this irked me. In later times his bedroom was right next to mine, and I found it so comforting to see the light over the door. I felt safe seeing it and knowing that if I needed something my Daddy was just feet away. Sometimes the little annoyances can be the biggest blessing when we look at them differently. God bless you and your family!


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