Great and Mighty

No Idle Bread

It feels like years since I've done a "Music Mondays" post. But after my quiet time this morning, this is the song the Lord laid upon my heart. Whenever I play this song around the house, everyone quiets to listen and all of us end up singing along at some point. Even the 16mo. old stops all of his busyness to listen. :)

Such a beautiful song to usher you in to worshiping our great and might God!!


  1. For some reason, while I was listening to this song, I was able to imagine your entire family at the dinner table enjoying the delightful sounds and edifying words of this song. :)

    It was a pleasure to have Music Monday come-in for a visit as well. :)


    1. Hey Mara,

      It's funny that you should say that, because that's exactly where we were the last time we all listened to it together! Except, we were having school instead of dinner. :)

      Nice to hear from you. Take care!

  2. I really enjoyed Music Monday! This is a lovely song, it was in my spirit today and I decided to visit your blog to take a listen!:) Thanks Sweetheart.

    1. Hey mom,

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! See ya soon!!!!


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