2 Weeks Old: My Story

Hello Ladies!!! It seems like it's been forever since I've been in my blogging space.

In case you missed it, my baby boy was born on March 21st and we are blessed beyond measure!

Smitten. . .

Father and son
My labor and delivery was such a blessing. After having done this 4 times before, this was by far my most favorite delivery because it was SO quick. My water broke a little before 3:30am--that was the first time my water broke naturally; what a strange feeling!!! I was lying in bed trying to get back to sleep after going to the bathroom. Just as I dozed off, I felt a sudden "gush," sat straight up in bed and said, "Uh-oh!" My husband's response was, "Zzzzzzzz!" LOL! I woke him up, called the doctor, and we got going. Contractions began to come about 10 or 15 minutes later.

We arrived at the hospital between 4:30 and 4:45am; traffic was great (we beat rush hour!). We got a really good parking space which was a blessing because by this time I could barely stand up straight during a contraction. After all the hospital admissions formalities (getting an I.V., question after question, wrist bands and the like), I was in PAIN!!!!--and I was 6cm dilated. This was the most vivid labor pain I'd had since my first child was born (10 years ago!!).

I asked for an epidural and it took some time for the pain to subside. By this time, it was about 7:30am and I was able to catch a snooze. Around 8:15am or so, the nurse checked me and I was 9cm
so, she paged my doctor. By the time the doctor came, it was time to push. After about 10-15 minutes of pushing, my little one was born, at 8:48am.

Baby J
8lbs. 2.5oz

About 5 hours from start to finish!! I am so glad about this. Because it was faster this time, there were certain procedures I didn't need for very long and some not at all. That alone has greatly effected my recovery for the better and I am so grateful.
***I recounted how long I was in labor for all of my children and you'll see what I mean:
TM (8yrs)--23 hours
SJ (10yrs)--21 hours
JR (5yrs)--17.5 hours
JD (15mo)--17.5 hours

This is just a portion of the ways in which God blessed me to deliver my son--the rest I will treasure in my heart. Just know that He is a mighty God, One that pays attention, even to the smallest details that make a big difference in a mama's heart.

I can't believe he is 2 weeks old already!!! On the one hand, time seems to fly. On the other hand, Baby J seems to have been in the family FOREVER. It is amazing how God knits together the hearts of a family. . .we can't imagine life without him. Here are some pictures from the first 2 weeks. . .

6 days. . .finally keeping his eyes open here and there
He likes to be swaddled and sleep in the "boppy" pillow.

1 week old. . .in the new outfit from Grandma (my MIL)

My mom (Abuela as the kids call her) is here with me.
Because of her, we have an extra set of hands for. . . .

This little guy (JD). Don't let that gorgeous smile fool you.
He does things like. . . . 

Check on his baby brother when he thinks we're not looking! :)

Pic at 2 weeks old.
Baby J making one of his MANY funny faces.
He also has complete sound effects to accompany them. Hilarious!
Especially at those middle of the night feedings--he makes me giggle.
Thanks again to those of you who have encouraged me along the way, and have called my name out in prayer before the Father. God is gracious.

My Joy-Filled Life


  1. He is absolutely adorable!!! I love the big brother's attention to him.
    God bless. :)

  2. He is adorable. Thanks for sharing your story. Thank you for always leaving me encouraging words.

  3. Congratulations, Stacie! He is beautiful. I am sure you are treasuring all of the little moments that make these days memorable. Peace and blessings to all of you.

  4. Thank you, all. I appreciate your sweet words...music to a sleepy mama's ears.

  5. He is amazing!...as was that 5 hour labor! My labor with my fourth was my longest and my water never broke on its own. You're a superhero momma! Congratulations!

  6. Welcome "Baby J" ! Joyful congratulations Momma Stacie! May God's loving blessings be upon each life, all 7, in your home. ❤Angelia in Tx

  7. Thanks, Heather and Angelia. You ladies are so sweet!

  8. Congratulations! He is so adorable! Five hours... that's awesome! Hope you're getting some sleep, Momma!
    God bless you and your sweet family!

  9. That is great that you had a five hour labor! Your son is so adorable! Congratulations!

  10. Thank you so much!
    I'm glad you stopped by.

  11. What a beautiful and precious baby! Congratulations! I cannot imagine going through labors as long as yours! My longest was 4 hours and they just keep getting quicker with the last being 1 1/2 hours! I am expecting my fourth (our first girl) in a few weeks! Enjoy that sweet baby!

  12. Hello "Mrs."!!

    Congrats on your baby girl!! I know you're excited!
    Wow, I can't believe your longest labor was 4 hours. . .that's great! And then your shortest was under 2 hours?!?!? Amazing!!

    Thank you for stopping by and congrats again.

  13. Beautiful! All of it ...the birth story, the siblings and grands...and especially that gorgeous little one. Praise the Lord, thank you for sharing. :-)~KAM

  14. KAM!!!! I am so happy to see your name pop up over here. Thank you for stopping by; you're so kind.

    Take care,


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