Receiving Correction

Just a simple thought. . . .

Today, I was showing my daughter a better way to clean the bathroom sink. She's 7 folks and sometimes details elude her! (smile) So, I called her downstairs to show her the stains in the sink that had been left behind after she "cleaned"it. I showed her how to spray the cleaner, and showed her which side of the sponge was best to use. I cleaned the sink and showed her the job from start to finish. (Not the first time we'd been over this, but sometimes part of training is saying things over and over again.)

She looked at me, smiled and said, "Thanks for the information, Mommy!" And then bounced her way back upstairs. It made me smile because I was thankful in that moment for a child who was willing to receive instruction and correction. Thankful for a child who did not take the correction as something "bad" and was quite okay with it. I thanked God that I was able to correct her in a way that she could receive it. I had "proud parent" written all over my face. . .

. . . Until I realized that there was much more for me to consider in this brief encounter. God is a far better Parent than I ever could be. He always knows what's best; He always gets it right. Why then is my attitude toward God not more like my daughter's when it's my turn to be corrected? Why don't I respond more often like she did--"Thank you God, for that correction!" with a smile on my face? Because, trust and believe, there certainly are things God has had to tell me over and over and over again before I get it right.

God's correction, His instruction, His direction always comes from a pure place of Love.
Dear God, when you correct me, help me to have my daughter's attitude.


  1. There is so much insight into our child/Heavenly Father relationship when we deal with our little ones! Great post, Stacie.

  2. Thanks, April. The little ones are great teachers. :)

  3. Dear God, ME TOO!

    Stacie, you're such a good mom! :)

  4. Out of the mouth of babes. :) A great reminder Stacie.

    God bless. :)

  5. Oh, Kristin! Thank you; are too sweet. God bless you. :)

  6. Yes, Jennifer. . .out of the mouth of babes. I've learned SO much from my children!

  7. (Amen:). I can relate to you Stacie. I pray I will have
    your daughter's attitude the multiple times God will correct me!

    A beautiful insightful perspective(:

    Thank you!

  8. MRS. GERTHA!!!! I was so glad to see your name in the comments. How are you?

    Thank you for stopping by.


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