Wisdom (& A Laugh) From The 5 Year Old

At lunch today, my son looks over at me, with all sincerity on his face, and warns me. . .

J.R.: "Mommy, don't ever eat grass!!!"

Me: "Okay. . .don't eat grass?!"

J.R.: "Yes, because it tastes bad and it can choke you!"

Me: (Silently wondering how he knows this and weighing what my response should be...)

J.R.: "Yeah, I used to eat it," he says, as he gazes out of the patio door, looking upon the backyard, where I'm certain this experience has taken place.

 Me: (Trying so hard to keep a straight face because he's so serious. I'm struggling not to fall out of my chair with laughter!!)

Gotta love these years!


  1. That is so funny! Children say the most honest things don't they?

  2. Yes, Jennifer!!
    I thought it was hilarious. I laughed about it off and on through out the day.

    Hes was so serious! :)


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