From My Dad to Me

My dad left this note for me on my Facebook page. Now normally, one would say that writing a note by hand implies that the person took extra time and care to send a heartfelt message. I mostly agree with that, but for my Dad, the opposite is true. He's not the most savvy person when it comes to computers, and he types with his index fingers only (lol!). Writing a note and dropping it in the mail would have been much easier for him. So, this note on Facebook means the world to me!

"Today I sit and reflect. When you were just a little girl, less than two years old, you got out of your bed in the middle of the night, came into our bed room, put your little hand on my face and gently shook me until I responded. With those beautiful brown eyes looking at me you said, "Daddy are you happy?" I replied, "Yes, Stacie, I am happy." You then said, "I am happy too." With that being said, you turned and went back to your room and to sleep.That was over 31 years ago and you still make me happy. I am so proud of you. . . . my little girl, his wife, and their mother. Truly a Proverbs 31 wife. Love Dad"

Isn't that sweet?! I told my dad that my eyes immediately became "allergic" to the computer screen--in other words, I teared right up. I'm so blessed to have a dad that continues to affirm and support me.
My dad is wonderful.
A "throwback" picture of my dad and my
daughters when they were 2 yrs. and 5 mos.


  1. That is the SWEETEST, most PRECIOUS note!!! I even have a little allergic reaction myself ;)

  2. Wow! How blessed you are to have a dad like that! Admittedly, I'm jealous because my dad was...well, let's just say "not like that." And my father-in-law is a decent man, but not expressive; plus, he's known me for several years, but only in my adult life, so I don't have a childhood connection like that. However, jealousy is trumped by joy for you. :^)

  3. Thank you, Tina.
    God bless you!

  4. What a lovely blessing! Cherish every moment.

  5. Hi Joii,

    Your words are wisdom to my ears. Thank you.


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