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In my life this week…
Days are blurring together. I woke up Tuesday, thinking it was Monday. I woke up Thursday, thinking it was Friday. I am struggling. . .sometimes I feel like I'm on point and organized; many times, I'm feeling frazzled and "all over the place." New baby syndrome? Sleep deprivation? Trying to do too much? I don't know.

I've also been "practicing" taking the children out alone! :o) Our baby boy is just shy of 14 weeks, and I must say, I've leaned heavily on my Husband (and my Mom, when she was here) for running my errands. But, this week, I managed to drop off a few books at the library and a short trip to the store, with all 4 children in tow. Having 4 still seems "new" to me . . .

In our homeschool this week…
Lots of Bible reading; character study--this week on gentleness; lots of grammar review; acid rain science experiment; the life cycle of a butterfly; drawing apples.

Click the apple for directions for this project,
as well as a host of MANY other art projects for children!

I am inspired by…
Homeschooling moms who have twice as many children as me, who are diligently walking in their callings as wives and mothers. It gives me hope. . . I need you as examples and encouragement!!

My favorite thing this week was…
My sister-in-law does a "Thankful Thursday" roll call on Facebook, where she asks, "What are you thankful for today?" A friend responded, "I'm thankful that He knows my name, and I am not defined by this world." I had to stop and give Him praise the moment I read that!

What’s working for us . . .
We've been using "The Bible Experience" for some of our history lessons. It's the Bible on CD, read by actors/actresses, with a bit of background music to add to the drama and excitement of what's going on. It certainly keeps my crowd engaged, especially when we have large portions to cover. It is not paraphrased, so I can follow along, word for word with my Bible, pausing the CD to add clarity or answer questions.

What's not working for us…
***SIGH*** Where do I begin? I'm trying to coordinate my housekeeping with everything else--swim practice, schooling, diapering/feeding, exercise, etc. I'm blessed to have a full life; sometimes I do feel overwhelmed--it's the cleaning that's bugging me. I can't seem to get a good grip on my cleaning schedule.

Questions/thoughts I have…
Am I doing enough in our homeschool? What should I change? What should remain the same?
Holy Spirit, please lead me.

Things I’m working on…
A cleaning schedule! Also, I'm trying to get a chore routine going for the kiddos; if I'm not consistent then they won't be either--therein lies the problem.

I’m reading…
Seaside Reunion by Irene Hannon (my mother-in-law gave it to me. She said it was a fun, quick read. . .so far she's right!)

I’m cooking…
I made fried plantains today, as part of our wrap up on ancient Africa. They tasted great to me. . .the kids felt so-so about them.

I’m grateful for…
My family. . . and this Bible verse: "From the end of the earth I will cry to You, When my heart is overwhelmed; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I." -Psalm 61:2

I’m praying for…clarity, peace, assurance.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
I found this on Pinterest
Me and my baby boy


  1. Oh Stacie,
    He is so beautiful!!! What an adorable little face! I want to just squeeze him. He and Samuel would have so much fun. :)

    I would love to encourage you right now. Please know that the schooling will be just fine. As long as you are talking and interacting and sharing with the kids, even if all the "curriculum" isn't complete each day for this season, learning--real learning--is still taking place. And in ways that will bear much fruit. Being called to homeschool our children requires so much flexibility. And understanding the role of formal and informal learning/teaching helps take some of the pressure off for us. You can rest in His perfect provision. This season of adjusting to the addition of your precious little one allows you to relax things a bit and focus more time on getting your systems in place so that, when the time is right, a more rigorous school plan can be a blessing, not a burden. :)

  2. Anne,

    Thank you. A big "virtual" hug to you for encouraging me. And that, you did! And then minutes after I read your comment, a friend of mine called (who is also a homeschooling mother) and her words echoed yours in so many ways. So grateful to God for the Holy Spirit's cleverness in using others to encourage me. I am blessed. Thank you.

  3. Hi Sweeetheart,
    Life can seem overwhelming at times but I am suggesting you take a step back an review or evaluate what all is really going on. Look at what is working well and asess what you might change and by all means continue to pray for guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    On your cleaning issues perhaps you can do a little in an area every evening after dinner when school is finished and the kiddos are playing. Perhaps 15minutes to 30 if possible on an area that is bugging you. By Friday you s hould be able to see some progress in this area.

    As far as schooling the children is concerned, you ar doing a stellar job and that is not just a predijuce mom speaking. You had no deficiences on your review. The children are a great example or testimony to your work with them. I think you will be able to find your way once you take a good look and follow what He is speaking in your heart for you to do concerning each ares.
    I love you and as your MoM I want you to know it will all work out, be encouraged. I am praying for you. I love you. :)

  4. Hey Mom,
    Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I'm starting to "weed" a few things out already.

    And your prayers are so greatly appreciated!!! :o)

    Love you!!!


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