Lord, I Thank You {Music Mondays}

Have you ever had an all-out worship session, just you and the Lord? I mean a down-right, hands raised, gratefulness-tumbling-out-of-your-mouth, tears-streaming-from-your-eyes, it-doesn't-matter-if-the-phone-is-ringing kind of worship for the Lord.

Well, Ladies, this song brings me to this point, every time I hear it. It starts off with, "For the many times I've fallen, yet You forgave me--thank You. Lord I thank You!" That line alone could be a song on its own! Or this line, near the end of the song: "He is the Author of my faith {thank You}, He is the Sustainer of my mind {thank You}!" God is so gracious and so good and so kind and so loyal and so faithful. . .

With that said, this is not a 3 or 4 minute tune, it's just about 9 minutes long. . .9 minutes of thanksgiving to our Lord, Who is more than worthy. . .you might have to steal away for a moment to let the tears fall uninterrupted! (Or, as in my case, send the kids outside for a bit of play time!)


  1. Oh my, I'm right there with you. I weep almost every time I worship. Can't help it. Don't want to. :) My heart is so full, it overflows and runs down my face.


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