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I've spent the last 4 weeks, off and on, in bed/on the couch and dealing with my newborn. I've made maybe a total of 5 meals during that time--you know, bowls of cereal with fruit on the side, PB & J sandwiches, with more fruit on the side; all chef-quality of course! When it comes to housekeeping, my floors are in desperate need of sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming; seriously, it's desperate.

I miss my housekeeping/homemaking duties and I'm trying not to become overwhelmed by the "things" that aren't getting done. (You must know that "things" were already getting "shabby" towards the end of my pregnancy because I was physically unable--in other words, big belly syndrome! LOL)

I am so eternally grateful to my Husband, who has come over to the side of all things domestic as best as he can. I'm also thankful to my mother, who is coming back this weekend (and is staying for a whole month!!!) to help me get back to my routine and starting up school again with the kids.

In the meantime, what has helped me pass the time while I rest and recover is. . . .

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At first thought, I didn't think it would be worth my time. But honestly, it has been a great way for me to research, learn and brainstorm different ideas for my life: faith, family, home school, homemaking, etc. Pinterest is a virtual way to have "thinking boards" or "inspirational collages" about things I'd like to try, things that encourage, how to make life a bit better.

I keep inspirational collages in my little make-shift homemaking journal already. I am a book-in-the-hand type of lady, not so much on the e-readers. So I still subscribe to actual magazines and when I see something that inspires me to make my home better somehow, I cut it out and paste it in my journal. So, Pinterest is an online extension of that for me. Here's a few pics from my journal. . .

Journal Cover

Home Decor and Gardening

Here are a few of my "pins" from Pinterest. . .

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from my Faith board

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from my Homeschool board

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from my Fall board

If you feel inclined, join me over at Pinterest for some great ideas!

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  1. Oh my, I LOVE Pinterest, too!!! I'm glad you are enjoying it! And I am so very thankful your mom is coming to help and that your precious husband has stood in the gap. It is hard to get all the pieces of the puzzle back into place with a new baby. It will all settle back into place. :)

  2. Hi Anne,

    Isn't Pinterst cool?!?!? :o)

    It is hard to get the pieces back in place, but I see little glimpses of hope here and there. . .still grateful!!

  3. Hi Stacie,

    Pinterest is different. I'm still thinking about it. I liked your natural hair photos!! Thank you for sharing.

    It is such a blessing you have the support of your family with JD's arrival(:

    Blessings and take care lady!!

  4. Hi Gertha,

    It is a bit different. :o) Thanks for checking out some of my photos on there...I need some inspiration for all the natural hair we have over here! LOL

    Take care, Gertha!

  5. I love your journals & I am also following you on Pin. I have to watch myself so I don't spend too much time there.

  6. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for the support on Pinterest! It easy to spend alot of time there. :o) I have to go with goals in mind!
    Take care,

  7. I'm sooo excited that your on Pinterest now too, Stacie. I just joined this past year and love it! Praying for you as you continue to rest and recover and take care of that gorgeous newborn. Thankful your mom can come and help.

  8. Hey Jen,

    I'll look for you on Pinterest! I'm really enjoying it; I'm getting great ideas that I've been able to use already.

    Thank you for your prayers and sweet words. Take care!

  9. I don't know anything about Pinterest, although I have heard of it. Is it like Facebook and Twitter or something different? Sounds interesting, and I am glad that you are enjoying it.

    I hope that your family is continuing to encourage you and help you as you transition with your newest blessing. The most important thing for you to do now is get rest when you can and take care of your children and husband. Try not to stress too much about the housework, although that is not easy.

    Thinking of you . . .

    -M. Wildflower

  10. Hi M. Wildflower,

    Pinterest is different from Facebook and Twitter. It's more like a place to create online inspiration boards. You should check it out and see what you think.

    Thank you so much for your wise words concerning my family. You are right, getting the proper rest, while taking care of my husband and children is most important. I appreciate your wisdom!

    Take care,


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