Book Review: Big Book of History

This review has been a LONG time coming, but finally it's here!!!

Click HERE to take a peek inside!

My children and I have thoroughly enjoyed using this book in our history lessons. This book is actually a timeline that folds out to the length of 15 feet!! Or, if it's not exactly convenient to have all 15 feet of its goodness open at one time, you can flip through it page by page.

This timeline incorporates biblical history, world events, inventions/technology, and civilizations/empires, showing that history unfolds as one big story. It begins with Creation and ends with the election of President Obama. The timeline is color coded, indicating Christian events versus secular. In addition to the timeline, there are charts, fun facts, maps and lots and lots of color pictures. Although my children and I have been piecing together a timeline of our own, this has been great as a reference to reinforce and review information.

Any time your child pulls out a "school" book to read it on their own, you know that it's definitely a keeper, and one I would recommend.

***Bonus: There's a Teacher's Guide available that offers activities and questions to help you utilize the Big Book of History with your children. Click HERE for a free download of the Teacher's Guide, or of course you can purchase a copy as well.***


  1. We just got this book and it's great. I didn't know about the download. I'll be checking that out. ~blessings Jen

  2. Yes, it's a great book! I only found about the download when I went to review the book--good stuff!


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