Christmas Traditions

One tradition I began in our family is to decorate our home for Christmas on the day following Thanksgiving. (I don't do Black Friday; I don't have the patience for it!! LOL) So, each year, the kids and I get the Christmas music going and we decorate with whatever we have. Usually my Husband goes to work on this day--he likes the peace and quiet at the office because everyone else is still on vacation! So, the kids and I have made it our goal to get finished decorating before Daddy comes home.

This year was no different. We put up our Christmas Tree and hung our ornaments, and set up other decorations around the house. (I'm having trouble getting a good pic of the Christmas tree, but here are some others!)

Wood stove display. . .just trying to spruce it up a bit!
Of course when we light a fire, I'll have to move everything. :o)

My kitchen table centerpiece, kind of, maybe.
I'm not sure how I like it yet!
These are a branch, hollies, and pine cones from my yard.
My daughter and I painted the "berries" on the taller branch.

Little stockings hung on the inside of our front door!

It is always so much fun reflecting on the ornaments, who it was from, what special memory it holds, how old the kids were when we go the ornament. It is also very funny to watch the kids decorate because they don't mind putting 4 red bulbs on the same limb!

Another tradition my husband and I have started is to browse the stores after Christmas to get a deep discount on left over ornaments and decorations. Last year we did this, but forgot all about what we bought. So this year, when I opened up the Christmas storage boxes, I had a few surprises. Here are some of them. . .

Snowman door hanger. . .
Gold garland. . .pretty!
A few of my favorite ornament surprises. . .

We also do a Christmas countdown each year. Last year, we did a countdown to Christmas Scripture Chain, which can be found HERE. It was pretty fun, and my kids enjoyed it. This year, I decided to make something that would last us and that we could use it for years to come. . . .

Our own Christmas countdown blocks.
Click HERE for instructions on this craft!!
And now, to our newest tradition of all. . .we are celebrating this blessed season of Advent with our family's first Jesse Tree. . . .

Our Jesse tree up close. . .
Jesse tree hung on the wall with ornaments.

We are so excited! The kids and I "designed" this tree. If you're interested in what a Jesse Tree is all about, how to make one, and some very nice resources for one, click HERE for more details!

What are some of your Christmas traditions???
Merry Christmas, All!

**(FYI: This post was created days ago. . .I'm not super mom--not yet!! LOL Click HERE to check out our newest family blessing!! :o)**

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