Today I am thankful for 2 puppies.

As I mentioned before, our dog had puppies 2 weeks ago. . .
The puppies below are 2 out of a litter 7. . . the only 2 that survived--we originally thought that 5 would make it, but it wasn't so. They are 2 weeks old today.

Puppies asleep in a basket. . .camera shy. :o)

The past 2 weeks have been filled with wonder, sadness, tears, joy, laughter, exhaustion, frustration, helping, all because of the puppies, the process. We own both the "mom" (Meridius) and the "dad" (Wimbley) as our pets, and they had a rough couple of weeks as well.

Meridius nursing her pups

Meridius couldn't figure out what was wrong with her little ones who didn't survive, licking them and "nosing" them, trying to get them to perk up. It was so sad. . .but 2 survived. Meridius has been sleeping a lot, regaining her strength, healing. Also, after some discussion, along with the veterinarian's advice, my husband and I decided that Wimbley should go in to be neutered. So, he's been in "recovery" mode, too.

This was their 2nd litter and it was a very similar experience as the last time. They had 4 puppies that time, and only 2 survived. It was horrible both times, so I will spare you the details of their deaths. . .it wasn't pretty, a bit difficult for the family . . . but at least 2 survived.

The reason I can be grateful on the other side of all of this, is because I serve an awesome God, Who is capable of showing me the good in the midst of the bad. This experience has helped my children understand how precious life is, to know a little bit of pain so that we could teach them to turn to God in prayer in their time of need.

It has taught them responsibility in caring for the puppies: cleaning their blankets, retrieving the puppy that likes to burrow under the blankets, helping me with various tasks throughout the day. We've been blessed to see our children take the initiative to help wherever they can. It's been a family project, a family blessing.

So, we are grateful for the 2 that made it!!


  1. How heartbreaking, but so good of you to find thankfulness in your sorrow. We do serve an awesome God! Following from Abundantly Blessed. Ammy

  2. Hi Ammy,

    I'm glad you stopped by. Thank you for you sweet words . . .God is always Good.

    Take care,

  3. God is good & your puppies are so cute!!

  4. Oh they are so precious! Sorry about the loss of the others. Life is so amazing and our children need to learn about those hard times as well as the wonderful times. The hard times help us all to appreciate the good don't they? May your family be blessed this Thanksgiving!

  5. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks. . .they are cute little pups, aren't they?! :) You are right; God is good!

    Take care.

  6. Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for your condolences. . .it was rough, but I'm so glad God helped us to see the good in it all.

    Have a wonderfully, blessed Thanksgiving!!!

  7. Hi Stacie,
    Cute little puppies, I can't wait to see them!! Good to see Mer-mer and Wimbley doing well too! :0
    Love You,

  8. Hi Mom,

    Thank you, they are cute, aren't they? We'll see you soon!


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