Is It My Neighbors?

Last year, when I did this gratitude challenge, I mentioned my good neighbors. Well, it turns out, I have to mention them again! They are a sweet, sweet couple who live across the street. They look out for us, without being nosey and that is something I greatly appreciate. We have shared great laughs, blizzards, wind storms, earthquakes, personal grief, and many blessings. Let me tell you what I think they may be up to now. . .

Thursdays is recycling day in our neighborhood. And in our home, I am in charge of the recycling, mostly because I'm the one who doesn't mind retrieving items out of the regular trash to place with the recyclable items. Anyway, our city gave everyone these large recycling bins on wheels. So, on Thursday mornings, I wheel my bin out to the curb for pick up. These days, however, I'm doing a bit of a waddle-walk down the driveway, because of my sweet "tummy" blessing, who, if God be pleased, is on his way in a few weeks. :)

Well, around lunch time, I usually go out to retrieve the bin and wheel it back up the driveway. For the past couple of weeks, I look out the front door, and the bin is gone! I look over near the garage, and there the bin is, perfectly placed in its spot. To some that's not a big deal, but let me tell you, it's a small thing that brings me so much joy. Although physically, I must look a sight wheeling that bin up the driveway, it isn't too much to handle. And, Husband is more than willing to take care of it for me, but it's just something I don't mind doing. Even still, to go outside and see that the bin has been returned, with no evidence of who's done it, well, that just brings a huge grin to my face!

I see my good neighbors pretty regularly and neither of them has mentioned it, which makes it even more special. They aren't looking for praise or recognition; they just want to be helpful. (I'm pretty sure it's them!) And something that small makes my heart glad. So, once again, if God says the same, I see another tasty, homemade pound cake in their future (especially since I know it's their favorite cake)!

I thank God for my neighbors!


  1. Girl, that is amazing! It's so wonderful to have great neighbors. By the way, must post pics of the belly! :)

  2. Hi Desiree,

    How's it going?
    Yes, those neighbors of mine are really nice people; and we're thankful!!

    I don't know about belly, pics. . .(too shy!!!) Maybe. . .:)

  3. God's blessing of great neighbors makes a big difference!!! I like the post. :)
    Love You

  4. Sure does, Mom!

    I love you, too. (smooches!)

  5. Those are some great neighbors!

    We have some similar ones across the street and next door. It is so funny to see who gets the bins in first. Sometimes, I get to beat the others and get both of theirs in before they get mine. So much fun!

  6. The beauty of a servant's spirit--simply serves when it sees a need for the joy of serving. Precious!!

  7. Hi Naomi,

    I'm glad you stopped by!

    That is so sweet that you all try to get each other's bins 1st. Good neighborly fun!

    Take care!

  8. Hi Anne!

    You are spot on. . .a servant's spirit is exactly what it is. Such a blessing!

    Talk to you soon!


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