Homeschooling Meeting

I am thankful for homeschooling!!

Today, my county had a meeting for new homeschooling parents. It wasn't mandatory, but the county wanted to welcome us to homeschooling, and ensure that we knew what our rights were under our State law. How encouraging!!! The homeschooling personnel covered key points, passed out copies of our laws, and listed the various ways they could be contacted. They welcomed our children to the meeting, applauded our efforts to be responsible for educating our children, and opened up a question & answer session at the end of their presentation.

While this may sound dull and boring and not in the least bit exciting, I must say that it was super encouraging for me! Being new to homeschooling, I am still learning and understanding things that many veteran homeschoolers already know. It was also encouraging because the homeschooling staff was friendly, professional, engaging, informative, and non-judgemental, as many of them had homeschooled their own children. There are many horror stories out there about lawmakers over-stepping their boundaries in regulating homeschooling. I've heard many terrible things about public school officials not really supporting home education. It's just enough to scare new homeschooling families away, or cause a sense of panic or stress.

While those things are certainly and unfortunately true in many cases, I praise God that He showed me that is not always the case. Sometimes, public school officials think that homeschooling is a great alternative and they are glad to uphold the parent's right to make that choice. I am praising God for the peace that He put into my heart at today's meeting. I am praising God for the path that He has set us on. I don't know where all of the twists and bends will be that we may encounter on this journey, but I am so thankful that God is leading the way.

Thank You, Lord, for allowing me to homeschool my children!!!


  1. How awesome for you. Unfortunately, our public school system does not feel this way at all.

  2. Loving Learning. . .


    It's sad when the public school officials' feelings don't line up with what the law says is perfectly legal. God bless you in your homeschooling!!!

  3. Welcome to homeschooling! I was so nervous when we began, but it really has been such a blessing. My district isn't thrilled, but they aren't holding any get togethers for us, either. ;)

  4. Thanks, Catherine.

    Homeschooling is such a blessing to our family in many ways. I am glad to have met homeschooling moms like yourself because you encouraged me more than you'll ever know.


  5. That is so wonderful! I have never heard of that before. What a blessing and an encouragement! :)

  6. Hi Anne,

    Thank you. I never heard that before, either. But I'm so thankful that I went to that meeting. God is good.

  7. Hi Stacie,

    I finally got a chance to stop by(:

    I think having a state mandatory homeschooling meeting is a great idea! In our state, we are responsible for educating ourselves on the homeschooling process.

    Keep up the extraordinary homeschooling Stacie(:

    Take care lady!!

  8. Hi Gertha,

    I'm glad you could stop by, but don't worry about when you can't. :)

    Yeah, we are responsible for educating ourselves, too. This was just something that the County thought they would do, though, to reach out to us. It was a blessing.

    Thank you for the encouragement, Gertha!


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