Book Review: 100 Read & Sing Devotions, 100 Bible Songs by Stephen Elkins

This is my family's second Bible book by this publisher/author. Needless to say, my kids LOVE it!

There are 100 short devotions for children. Each devotion has a corresponding hymn or Bible song (on 2 CD's) to reinforce the message of the devotion. Also, each devotion comes with a memory verse.

We are using this as a devotional before we get our school day started. However, instead of reading a new devotion each day, we take the idea of one devotion and spread through our school week. The devotions themselves are relatively short and I really want to make sure my children are grasping God's Word before we move on to the next topic. So, I post that devotion's memory verse up on the wall for my children to learn through out the week. One day we read the devotion, the next day we review the memory verse and listen to the corresponding song. On other days, we read Scripture passages that compliment the devotion. This just reinforces the main idea and helps it to stick, so to speak.

While this book does not delve into the Word of God as much as I'd hoped, it has been good to use as a guide for our daily devotional/Bible time. It's given me some structure on what we'll cover each day. My children also like the pictures and love to listen to the Bible songs. I would recommend this to use alone for daily family devotions with younger children (2-5yrs) or as a guide for family devotions for older children (6-9yrs). Either way, it's been a blessing to our family.

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  1. Were the songs original ones, or classic hymns? It sounds like a great idea to use the book as a framework for your weekly devotions. I used to do a verse of a Bible song or hymn each week, but we have let that fall aside recently. You inspire me to get back to it! Blessings.


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