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This week last week on the blog hop, we were supposed to talk about our schooling space. (I apologize for my tardiness!) As you may recall, we are (well, actually my Husband is) in the process of renovating a room for our school. You can click here for pictures and the last update on it.

Here is what it looks like now. . .
New flooring

Painted walls, still need a few more touch ups. . .

Husband wants to go back over the walls and make it a bit more tidy. And we need some furniture and shelves in there, too. Soooooo, since I have scheduled school to begin soon, we will begin here. . .

. . . the lovely kitchen table.

It is where we do work now, and it was where we did work before we knew we'd be a homeschooling family. So I'm pretty sure it will do. I have a few ideas about transporting/storing books and supplies in the mean time. . .hopefully it will work out okay.

I just ordered the rest of the curriculum that we'll be using this year. I'll be off to the stores this week for a few supplies (i.e. paper, crayons, markers, binders, etc.). We're gearing up and are pretty excited!!!
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