Reactions to Homeschooling

"You're homeschooling?!"

"Oh my gosh, you're taking your kids out of school?
I can't believe that!"

"Homeschooled children just don't do well in society.
I'm just telling you this because I'm concerned."

"What about socialization?  
Their social skills will be lacking!"

"How do you know that you can teach your own children?"

"Oh wow! That's great,
but let me tell you about such-and-such  
and the horrible experience she had and
why she just couldn't homeschool any more."

"So you mean you'll be with your kids all day long?"

"I mean, if that's what you want to choose,
 I'll support you."

"As an educator, I seriously would not
 recommend homeschooling.
Your kids attend a great school."

I am well aware that what I've shared is certainly nothing new among homeschooling families. It happens all the time, right? All of you "veteran" homeschoolers out there told me that this would happen, so I was well-prepared!! Even so, I find it interesting and quite amazing that those who are unfamiliar with homeschooling have the same types of responses.

Now, I must say, that I have received great support and encouragement along the way. Not everyone responds in utter shock and disbelief and I am glad about that!

Welcome to homeschooling, huh? :)


  1. Negative Ned's lives on. Thumbs up to you and the family!!! :) It's going to be great!!

  2. LOL, MOM @ Negative Neds!!!


  3. These silly concerns will be thrown your way until you start to question it yourself. Don't let the lies of satan deter your decision to home educate your children. Remember to keep Christ in the center of your homeschool and all will go well. Blessings and best wishes as you begin your new endeavor! ;)

  4. Don't let them scare you! I was homeschooled for 18 years and we heard comments like that all the way through. Eventually we learned to shrug them off as a simple lack of knowledge on their part and let our lives prove differently.

    So proud of you from making this HUGE step! You're doing the right thing!

  5. It has been interesting over the years to hear the comments. Back in the Dark Ages when I started, people would ask me if it was legal! At least most people know the answer to that one now. :) The fruit of your efforts will testify to the validity of your choice. He will be Glorified. :)

  6. Welcome to this wonderful world! I was in it for 14 years and would do it all over again!
    I'm bettin the negative Neds did not pray about what was best for your family, your kids and I'm bettin' you did ;)

    Enjoy Stacie! God be with you in this wonderful endeavor!

  7. Hi Jenifer,

    You are so right; I can't let the evil one's lies stop me from doing what God wants. Thank you for your wisdom and encouragement!

    Take care!

  8. Hey Jacinda!

    I won't let them scare me . . . it's just amazing sometimes. I'm learning to shrug it off; I'm guessing that takes some time, too.

    Thanks a bunch for the encouragement! It feels great making this choice. :)

  9. Hi there, Anne!

    LOL @ the Dark Ages!! :)
    Yeah, most people know it's legal, but they're still shocked by that decision.

    As always, you remind me of my purpose in life--to bring Him glory. Thanks!!

  10. Kristin,

    LOL! You're absolutely right; I'm doubting how much "they" have prayed about this decision. At any rate, thank you for your well wishes and prayers.

  11. You are going to do a great job teaching your kids. You can do this because He will give you the strength to.

  12. Hi April,

    Thank you for your encouragement. God's grace is sufficient. Thanks for posting the homeschooling ideas you do with your children. It's a big plus to someone like me who's just getting started.


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