Lights Are Back On

So, I know this is such a random post. But, we've been without power for a couple of days (hurricane Irene!) and we are thrilled for it to be back on. I know that there are those who have gone without power for much longer than that, so I am not being insensitive or unrealistic. But every now and then, you have to celebrate the small victories. SO GLAD!

Post to come soon on our first day of school. . .with no lights!


  1. Glad it's back on!! And ya'll are okay!!! :)

  2. Thanks, Anne. We're truly blessed.

  3. Hi Stacie,

    Glad everyone is safe and the electricity is back on. The little things do mean soooo much!

    Have a blessed day lady(:

  4. I'm glad you are ok too!
    And I bet the kids thought school without lights was fun. . .Oh the joys you will have with homeschooling! One of my other blogger homeschool friends said they had school on the beach! :)

  5. Hey Gertha,

    Thanks! Yes. . .it's the little things.

    God bless you as well.

  6. Kristin,

    Thank you! The kids had a good ol' time, although my son (4yrs.) needed some reassurance.

    Now school on the beach sounds great!!!!


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