A New Journey

Welcome to our first year of homeschooling!!!

We are starting this journey as first-generation homeschoolers. My husband and I are excited about the possibilities and opportunities that a home education can offer our children. Our children are also excited about the coming school year. They are full of ideas and plans for our school and I am so pleased that they are taking an active role in our school.

I am grateful to God that He showed us a different plan for our family--that sending our children to school each day is not our only option as parents. It is our prayer that God would fashion us into the homeschooling family He'd like us to be, and that when it's all said and done, our children will have been educated in a manner that brings glory to God.
My husband has been working diligently this summer to create a place for school. He's been in the process of converting a former work shed into our school room. This "stand-alone" room is just off of our laundry room, and was complete with electrical, phone, and insulation. However, my husband has always wanted to renovate it and convert it into something else but we weren't sure what. Since making the decision to homeschool, and because we are limited on extra storage space in our home, he found the motivation he needed to go ahead and convert the space. Here are a few pictures of the progress thus far.

BEFORE. . . .

Old door and windows

Insulation and new electrical wiring

Dry wall to be hung

AFTER . . .(kind of)
New door

New windows up

Husband showing me the new walls!

Kids excited because now they get to help Daddy paint!
So, as you can see, a little more work needs to be done, but we've come a long way. We pray that God would use our family for His service and that He will give us what we need to have a successful school year. As we learn the ways that homeschooling fits our family, it is my hope that chronicling our journey on this blog will encourage other families in the ways they educate their children.

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