My Spring Sunday

My front door hanger--welcome Spring!
Ahhh, the first day of spring! What a gorgeous day--nice and sunny, cool, but comfortable.

Went to worship at church with the family this morning. A wonderful and timely message our pastor preached on raising our sons in a godly way. Shaping them and tending to them like young, tender plants, that they may grow up strong in their manhood and in the way of the Lord (Psalm 144:9-12). This was part 5 of a series called "The Stewardship of Parenting." An excellent word from the Lord.

Came home and spent the rest of the day with the family, a little school work, light cleaning, watching basketball (yes, I filled out brackets just for fun!), dinner making--which by the way was super yummy! Oven-barbecue ribs, cabbage and baby carrots with rice--mmmm-mmmm.

This weekend, Husband and I worked in the yard, planting a little greenery here and there. We planted the last of the shrubs this afternoon.

Husband planted this Japanese maple.
Soon it will have pretty dark red leaves.
The girls named "her" Sammy Rose
(which was a compromise between
Rosebud and Sam--LOL!)

Holly trees we planted to help soak up standing water.
Between our house and the neighbors' is like a marsh.

We planted 10 shrubs out back. Husband strategically placed
these sticks behind the bushes to discourage one of our miniature Schnauzers
 from running along the fence and destroying the bushes.
(I have a love-hate relationship with that dog.
If it weren't for my daughter, he would belong to someone else!)
After dinner, we all went outside--bike riding, collard green and spinach planting (we shall see how this goes!), kids playing in the yard. We came back inside, washed the kids up for a little ice cream treat before bed.

Thank God for a beautiful day. Thank God for the seasons, how they change, how it allows me to focus on different areas of life. Thank God for how all the new blooms remind me of the new life I have in Jesus. Thank God for spring.

On either side of my front door, my darling daffodils. . .
. . .with a few tulips in the middle.
They haven't bloomed yet, but they will be red.

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland.

-Isaiah 43:18-19

*Thanks to my friend, Gertha, who blogs at
God... it's me, Gertha!!,
for such a timely memory verse.*


  1. Hi Stacie!

    Happy Spring(: I like the greenery ya'll planted. I am glad spring is here too. I felt as if we lived up North this year. GA has never felt like it did this winter. Thanks for mentioning me(: Enjoy the season lady!

  2. I like your new look! I also like the improvements around your house. Your new page looks cheerful and ready for all the fun that Spring brings! Happy Spring!

  3. Hey Gertha, happy spring!

    Girl, last winter for us was a mess. Bizzard after blizzard. This one wasn't too bad, but even still, I'm glad for spring.

    You are welcome.
    Take care!!

  4. Stacie,

    It sounds like you had a wonderful afternoon with your family.

    I think the name, Sammy Rose is a very unique name. I kind of like it. :)

    It surely does not feel like spring over here, as it has been quite rainy and cold. It will be nice when the rain leaves so we can pull the weeds from our backyard, and do a little bit of planting, like you and your husband did this past weekend.

    Take care Dear Mother.


  5. Lady Rose,

    Hey there! Yes, we had a good time.
    I do hope spring comes to visit you soon. . .and I hope you share what you plant!!

    Take care Sweet Sister,

  6. I love Spring too!!!
    I've been blog snooping :) Just found yours. Love it and will become a follower. It's nice to meet a new "sister".
    Please come on over to my place when you have a free minute. Would love to have you :)

  7. Hi Kristin,

    Welcome to my blogging journey! I'm glad you found me; I can never have too many "sisters."

    I like your phrase "blog snooping." :) I will be over to visit your blog soon.

    Take care and God bless you!


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