Valentine's Day: How We Celebrated

This Valentine's Day, Husband and I decided to do something a little special for our children. We're going to pour on a little extra love by taking them out on "dates." Daddy and daughters will have a special evening out, with dinner at a restaurant of the girls' choice. Mommy and son will have a special midday treat at a place of his choice. These things do not define love, but are just a means of expression of the love in our hearts.

This was actually Husband's idea, as he wants to make it a point to show our girls how special they are to him specifically. He wants the girls to know that they are God's princesses, left in our care and that it is his honor, as their father, to treat them kindly and delicately, protecting them as they grow. He felt that this would be one of the ways to express that fatherly love. How awesome!

These impressionable years are not only when our children learn about our Christian faith, our values, right from wrong, etc. It is also when we are shaping them into future husbands and wives and, just as importantly, what qualities they will look for in their future spouses. These things are taught in our day to day living, what we say, the ways we show affection, our tone of voice, what we are willing to give. They are sometimes taught in some of the special memories we create with our children as well.

Here's to Valentine's Day with the kiddos!!

Husband and the girls headed out to dinner.
Yes, TM has her own style about her; LOL!

At lunch time, all the kids enjoyed a heart-shaped
PB&J with a Valentine.

My son and I on our way to. . . .

He specifically stated that he wanted to go to
the grocery store so he could ride in the cart
and pick a cookie!
TM and her Valentine's pig.
SJ and her Valentine's cow.


  1. This sounds so sweet.
    I love your little owl dropping heart.

  2. Hi Debbie,
    We had a good time with our little ones.

    I thought the owl was cute, too. I almost don't want to take it off!

  3. Hi Stacie!

    That is a lovingly thoughtful idea! They look like they had so much fun(: Beautiful family! Take care girl!

  4. Stacie,

    What precious memories you have shared with us. I thought it was cute that your son wanted to go to the grocery store to pick-out his own cookie. :) I had a little chuckle and a smile when I read that.

    I'm sure your family had a wonderful day expression your love on Valentine's Day in this way.


    -Lady Rose

  5. Aww, Mrs. Gertha,

    Thank you. They had alot of fun. Sometimes, it's the small things!

    Be blessed, my friend!!


  6. Lady Rose,

    Okay, so I'm not the only one that chuckled a bit at a date at the grocery store! LOL But it was his moment, so I had to oblige. We had a great day; I'm thankful.

    Take care,

  7. What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentines! I love it. I love that gingerbread cookie your son chose too. ;-)

  8. Hi Jen (Unsell Family),

    Thank you!

    Now for the rest of the week, my son has wanted me to refer to him as "my Valentine"! LOL

    Take care,


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