Love Song

I was listening to the radio the other day and was drawn to the words of this song. It's sung by Canton Jones called Love Song. The melody is nice enough, but it's the question it poses that really drew me in. The song is written as though God is speaking. Here are the main verses:

"I made the heavens farther than the eye can see,
placed the stars in the sky,
made the moon shine brightly.
Woke you up with the sun
shining through your window.
Sing you a serenade every time the wind blows.
See the earth in all of its beauty?
It all came from Me.
Take the time to look above,
and you'll know you can't sing about love
Without singing about Me!"

"I made the clouds,
even the air you breathe.
Made you in My image,
so that you can be like Me.
My love is sweet,
gonna make you happy.
Such joy and peace, I
wanna give you all of Me.
It's the reason why you smile.
It makes living all worthwhile.
It will bring tears to your eyes.
So how you gonna sing about love,
without singing about Me?"

Over and over throughout the song, the question is posed, "How can you sing about love, without singing about Me?" This is such a relevant question. How can we sing, or do anything for that matter, in the name of love, without God? How can we make a declaration or profession of love for anyone or anything, without the love of God? This just makes me a little more mindful about what I do in the name of love. As Christians, we cannot separate "love" from "God." We can't exclude Him . . .
". . . for God is love."
-1 John 4:8
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  1. Stacie,

    This is something that I have not directly thought about before. It surely does give me much to think about.

    I notice that you sure love music because you post many music posts. :) You must like to sing too. :)


    -Lady Rose

    P.S. The Owl is cute.

  2. Hi Lady Rose,

    Yep! You're 100% correct. (You're getting to know me! I pray that this blog is a true reflection of who I really am, strengths and weaknesses alike. To God be the glory.) Music is one of the tools God uses to speak to me. And singing is a gift from the Father. I'm truly grateful!

    (I'm glad you liked the owl; I was wondering if anyone noticed. :o)

  3. Hey Stacy~
    Love this LUV post~yes! God's love it the ultimate!! I've got a giveaway going on~it's a christian film called MOST which is Czech for The Bridge. You may want to come enter/consider sharing it~it's a cool movie about God's love~

    Happy Valentine's Day~

  4. Hey SisterTipster,

    Thank you! God's love is GREAT!!

    Thanks for sharing the give-away info. Take care and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

  5. These words are beautiful! We need to take the time to enjoy the beauty of this world that He has allowed us to take part in! We must remember God is love! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Hey Mom (Winnie)!
    You're welcome. I love you!!


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