Did He Just Say That?

Today, I had conversation with Husband (as I so affectionately call him!). During the course of the phone call, he gave me some advice. It was straightforward and to the point: "Stacie, don't let your struggles in one area negatively affect what you do in other areas." That was the gist, plain and simple. No accusations, no finger-pointing, spoken in an even tone. Great advice, right?
But why did I feel like I'd been pinched? Why were my feelings hurt? Where was the lump in my throat coming from? Easy answer. . . we were talking about our children!  Our children is what I "do" each and every day, they are the ones that fill my schedule each day. So I began to internalize this advice as critique. Quite frankly, I took it personally.

One struggle of mine has been our children growing and moving out of the infant/toddler stages. I know you may be thinking, “That stage is full of exhaustion and sleepless nights and teething and diapers, and lots of crying! Are you nuts?!?!”
I must admit, it can definitely be a trying time, but still, it is so sweet and precious. But truth be told, it is also very familiar. Having had my 3 children, one every 2 years, the infant/toddler phase is what I think I know, what I'm good at.

Dealing with the uncharted territory of school-aged, independent, self-sufficient children is a new, sometimes  scary, adventure. However, I can't allow my insecurities about this new chapter in our lives effect my other duties as a Mom, particularly where my younger children are concerned. Mmmm, sound like familiar advice???
So, there I am on the phone with Husband, thinking, he's being so critical! Doesn't he know how hard it is?? Then the Holy Spirit quiets me and reminds me, that my Husband is also my children's father. He knows them and loves them and knows what's good for them, too. Husband also loves me and it is his place to help me where I need it.

Plain, simple, and straightforward.
Thanks, Husband.

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  1. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing. It is so easy to feel criticism when we really are receiving advice. So beautiful.

    I found you through RH Homemaking Link-Up.

  2. @southofthefork: thank you for your kind words. Thanks for stopping by! :) (The RH link-up is great!)

  3. I’m visiting from Raising Homemakers.Looks likes your a new blogger - Welcome.

    You're husband has words of wisdom, athough at the time it may not seem that way. I thought it was going to be tougher than it was when my daughter moved out of one stage into the next. The toddler years are so precious. I thought how can it get better than this. Now our daughter is a teen and still cuddleable. She has become a fellow homemaker,an assistant help meet to my husband(until she gets her own) and my dear friend.
    You going to love the "adventure" as you put it.

    God Bless

  4. @Along the Narow Pathway--A new blogger I am. Thanks for your encouragement!


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