Making Crayon Cookies

So it was the beginning of the school year and of course, crayons were on the school supply list. I noticed that our crayon tub was overflowing--overflowing with old, worn, broken crayons, that is. With fresh new packs of crayons all ready for school, I wondered what to do with the old ones. My friends and family suggested that I: donate them, make candles, make new crayons, or throw them away. In an effort to recycle, I decided my kids and I would make new crayons from the old ones.

Here's how we did it!
Materials needed:
old crayons
old muffin tins (we bought 2 from the dollar store)
cupcake liners (optional)

  1. Remove paper from crayons and break into short, small pieces.
  2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  3. Sort crayons by like colors or create color combinations.
  4. Fill muffin tin(s) with crayon pieces.
  5. Melt in oven for about 10 minutes.
  6. Remove from oven, and let them cool.
  7. Once they are cool, the edges will begin to separate from the tin.
  8. Pop them out an enjoy!
They come out in cookie shape, just right for small hands.

Some tips about this craft:
  1. Peeling the paper from the crayons can be tricky, so have smaller children do the breaking, while Mommy and/or older children do the peeling.
  2. Peel and break over newspaper for easy clean up (something I did not do. . .what was I thinking?).
  3. Try making crayon shapes using cookie cutters. Line a baking sheet with foil and use metal cookie cutters as molds. (could be tricky, but worth a try!) 
  4. Great way to teach about converting solids to liquids and liquids to solids.
I hope you try it out and share how it worked for you and any suggestions you have. 

JR, my crayon breaker


  1. so how does one color with a muffin crayon????

  2. Very carefully! LOL to be honest, the kids have been building with them and playing with them more than coloring. . .maybe what we really made were crayon "toys". :o)

  3. you don't color with a muffin crayon BRAD--it is supposed to be eaten . . . why do you think it is called muffin crayon :o)

  4. I JUST was thinking the other day about the broken crayons we have and was thinking I needed to look for some ideas about what to do with them... thank you! I LOVE these (especially since we are foodies, :))! Pinning them now.

    ~The Lucky Wife
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  5. Lucky Wife,

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy these!!
    I'm going to check out the toddler smoothies. . .

    Take care!


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