Book Review: Children's Bible

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I thought I'd just share a great children's Bible I found some time ago.  It is called The Read 'N' See DVD Bible, created by Stephen Elkins. It includes the Old and New Testaments, with 20 stories from each. We sometimes use this Bible as a basis for family devotions or Bible study. Here are the things I enjoy most about this Bible:
  • Each Bible story has one or more Bible verses, clearly marked on the page, which helps children in learning the Scriptures, not just the story.
  • The book comes with a DVD so the kids can either follow along with the book, or just watch the DVD on it's own.
  • Between the Bible stories, the DVD plays children's Bible songs that my kids just get a kick out of! (Okay, okay--I like the songs, too!! They have such catchy tunes!!)
  • The songs reiterate the story just read and it includes the lyrics.
 Great book to have! 

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Please Note: This book was not a gift, but was purchased with my own money.
I was not asked to give a review of this book.
I am not receiving any compensation for reviewing it.


  1. This sounds like something we might need! Thanks for sharing this. Are there other language sound tracks on the DVD too? I have been playing baby's DVD's in French to help her to learn another language.

  2. @Becoming Abigail:
    We use this Bible again and again! There aren't any other languages, but I'm sure you'll still enjoy it. How's the French going? I might need to look into something like that to teach my babes Spanish.


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