"Bug" the Turtle

My son and I went to our local Nature Center for a class on Tortoises and Turtles. We both had a good time and I must say I learned way more than I ever thought I would about turtles.
Did you know that a turtle's shell is covered in scales? The pretty pattern we see is actually made up of individual scales that can be peeled off to reveal the bone underneath! (Not that I recommend doing that, though!) Who knew?! Anyway, no need to bore you with all of my new found turtle facts!

 However, I did want to share a very simple craft--making a paper turtle. J.R. had fun making this craft and he named his turtle "Bug." :o)  You probably already have everything you need to get started.
  • paper plate
  • green construction paper
  • tissue paper (green, brown, cream)
  • glue stick
  • crayons
  • "googly" eyes (optional)
  1. using the construction paper, cut out a head (large oval), 4 legs (small ovals), and a tail (triangle)
  2. glue them to the under side of the paper plate (the turtle shell)
  3. cut the tissue paper into medium-sized squares (the shell scales) and glue them to the top side of the paper plate
  4. glue "googly" eyes on the turtle head (or draw eyes)
  5. draw on a nose and mouth
  • glue tissue paper on in a random order or create a pretty pattern
  • use different color combinations for the turtle scales just for fun (i.e. girls might like a pink and purple turtle) 
  • instead of cutting tissue paper in squares, let the children rip into pieces (keeps them involved, good task for younger children)


  1. Very nice! I enjoyed it
    all. :-)

  2. Thanks!! "Bug" is hanging up on the wall of art in the laundry room. :o)

  3. This is cute. I posted a link to this on my blog. Thank - you.

  4. Thanks, Debbie.
    I appreciate the link. I'll be checking your blog for more ideas.


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